About Communication Services Panel

The Communication Services Panel (CSP) is a facility to enable Agencies to access a range of Communication Services from pre-qualified Suppliers using a standardised contract and related processes. The broad categories of services in-scope of the CSP include:
  • Marketing and Advertising;
  • Digital Communication Services;
  • Creative Services;
  • Public Relations;
  • Market Research; and
  • Other Related Services.
The intended benefits and objectives of the CSP include:
  • Ability to access high quality resources;
  • Ease of access and minimise timeframes to engage services;
  • Streamlined process to access services;
  • Standardised approach to contracting and liability;
  • Access to competitive rate cards and quoting of services; and
  • Addressing Industry Participation Policy provisions.
The CSP has been established for an initial 3-year term, expiring 31st December 2020, however the State has the option to extend the arrangements at the conclusion of the initial term. There is no limit to the number of Suppliers that will be included on the panel. Over the term of the contract, additional Suppliers may apply by demonstrating their capability for inclusion on the panel. To submit an Application, download the CSP Application Pack, and review and complete the relevant documentation. Please email any queries and completed Applications to: DPCSPCategory2@sa.gov.au